What is unique about the Parco Protective Backpack?

In addition to premium features, the Parco Protective Backpack is designed with you in mind.

Competitor Backpacks

Parco Protective Backpacks

  • Protective panels are sewn in to the backpack.
  • Protective panels use Kevlar® and similar materials. These materials expire after a few years.

    When competitors sew the panel into the backpack, the customer is required to purchase an entirely new backpack when the panel expires.

    Also, by sewing the panel into the backpack, the customer cannot remove the panel to determine its expiration date.

    The Parco Protective Backpack is unique.

    The Parco Protective Backpack has a removable panel with a clearly visible expiration date, so it can be easily cleaned or replaced.
  • Most are made of lower-grade exterior material.
  • Most backpacks are made of 600D polyester or a similar exterior material. 

    The Parco Protective Backpack has an 840D polyester exterior. This is a "ballistic grade" material that provides extra durability for daily use.
  • Limited attention to details.
  • The Parco Protective Backpack was designed with much attention to detail. From adjustable cross-straps for stability, to fleece-lined storage compartments for sunglasses and laptops, the backpack was created to offer convenience, comfort, and safety.

    Did we mention there's a secret pocket?
  • Average customer service.
  • One of our core values is to treat customers like family

    If you ever experience any issue with your backpack or other product, we will work to make it right.