Protective Panel

The protective panel used in the Parco backpack is designed to offer protection for the user.

The Panel is Removable
Most backpacks with similar protection have a panel that is permanently attached or sewn to the backpack. The problem is that (1) protective material like Kevlar® expires after 5 years--so you should be able to read the expiration date--and (2) the user should inspect the panel periodically to be sure it is not worn or torn.

We designed the Parco backpack to have a zippered compartment that allows the panel to be easily removed. It allows the user to check the expiration date (which is clearly stated on the panel), and to be sure the panel is in good condition.

The Panel Fits in a Customized Compartment
In addition to the panel being removable, the custom-sized compartment is designed to fit the custom-sized panel. This allows the panel to fit snugly in the backpack in an upright position, which offers greatest protection (compared to a loose panel inserted into a backpack).

The Panel is NIJ Level III-A
The panel is a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level III-A protective "bulletproof" panel. Specifically, this panel has an NIJ Level III-A rating, which means it is resistant to most handgun ammunition including .22SR, .22LR, .25, .32, .38, .380, .357 Magnum, 9mm Full Metal Jacket, .40 Cal., .45 Cal., and .44 Magnum. The panel is not intended to offer protection for threats above this level.

The Panel is Travel-Friendly
The protective panel is fully able to be scanned by airport security, which makes the backpack TSA friendly. Protective backpacks are permitted by TSA (carry on and checked) but may be prohibited by local agents at their discretion. 

The Panel is Very Lightweight
The panel is made of a flexible protective material and weighs about 1 pound. This allows the overall backpack to remain very light -- it's very comparable in weight to any other backpack. (It's not a heavy plate that weighs down the backpack.)

Bulletproof panel for backpack