Price-Match Guarantee

You will not find a lower price anywhere.


How Does the Price-Match Guarantee Work?

  1. Purchase a Parco Protective Backpack from
  2. Find a lower price on the Parco Protective Backpack or any other protective backpack of the same quality* on another site.
  3. Request a price match using the Claim Form.

It's that easy!

We want to be sure you--our customers, our family--get the best quality for your money. No tricks. No gimmicks.

To do this, we will match the price on the Parco Protective Backpack if you find the Parco Protective Backpack--or one of the same quality--listed on any other site for less than the price on our site ( The price-match guarantee is subject to verification and the terms below.

Although there are some rules, our goal is to make it as easy as possible. And feel free to reach out to us any time if you have a question:


Price-Match Guarantee Terms & Exclusions

  • The offer applies only to the Parco Protective Backpack or another protective ("bulletproof") backpack that is constructed of 840 Denier polyester and includes a certified NIJ Level III-A protective panel.
  • For purposes of comparing prices, the price is the total advertised price of the item including shipping costs.
  • The price guarantee does not apply to discounts from a "Loyalty" or "Membership" program such as Amazon Prime.
  • The price match must come from an online-only retailer (i.e., a retailer with no physical storefront) and applies only to purchases within the United States.
  • The price guarantee does not apply to purchases made from auction sites, using a coupon or promotional gift card/credit, part of a bundled offer, out-of-stock inventory, “open-box” or similar refurbished items, made from our site or others that involve typographical errors, or from coupon-based promotional sites like Groupon.
  • The price-match guarantee claim must be made within 30 days of the original purchase from
  • The price difference will be issued to you by a check, by refunding the original form of payment made via our site, or in the form of a store credit.

 Click here to complete the Price-Match Guarantee Claim Form!

The Price-Match Guarantee is effective July 1, 2020.


* Similar quality refers to another protective ("bulletproof") backpack that is constructed of an exterior material that is 840 Denier polyester or greater and includes an NIJ Level III-A panel or higher level in the purchase price.