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Good-quality backpacks--especially those that protect you--can be expensive. Some over $250! We get it.

However, we are confident that you will not find a better-quality backpack with the same features as the Parco Backpack at this price.

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15+ compartments and pockets


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"A good buy! Good quality."
- K. C.

"I'm a frequent traveler, and I've seen a lot of bags.
The attention to detail in this backpack is impressive!"
- Kevin R.

"This bag is perfect! I was at first skeptical. But this bag is light-weight and holds everything I need...I highly recommend this product."
- D. G.

"This is a spectacular backpack!!!"
- Jude A.

"We are very happy with our Parco Backpack. It is well made and easy to wear. We intend to purchase one for each family member for the Holiday Season."
- Catalina P.

"The quality of the backpack 🎒 is outstanding. Lot’s of room for all of my stuff, laptop included."
- Pascual T.

"This backpack is incredibly light weight! Even some of my messenger bags weigh more! This bag has so much space in the middle, I recently used is for a weekend to place clothes, makeup, change of tennis shoes, along with my tablet. Feels like parachute material. Does not snag easily at all (I hate that about other bags). Very water resistant. Love all the pockets and especially the
lining for the lens/phone pocket at the top."
- ProfTX

"Definitely a great backpack. Quality material and light weight."
- Leo D.


2x the quality of most backpacks


Secret pocket in bulletproof backpack

BONUS FEATURE: An Insertable Panel that Protects You!

The soft, NIJ Level III-A panel is less than 1" thick, is lightweight, and offers ballistic protection.

PLUS, the panel is easily removable if not needed.

Parco Protective Backpack weighs the same even with a bulletproof protective panel.

Same Weight

Parco Sets the Standard